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Caillou: Good Night!
8,99 $
Caillou is a big boy now. When his sister Rosie goes to bed, he can stay up with Mommy and Daddy. However, when the games and stories are over, when his parents leave the room and close the door, C... » Lire la suite...

CHOUETTE | mai 2017

Sur commande :  2 à 4 semaines
Caillou: I Can Brush My Teeth
8,99 $
Caillou isn’t a baby anymore. He wants to brush his teeth by himself. After breakfast and before going to bed, Caillou brushes little circles all over his teeth, just like Daddy! The ones in the ba... » Lire la suite...

CHOUETTE | juin 2017

Sur commande :  2 à 4 semaines
Sometimes If Feel Angry
7,95 $
When her friends won't share their toys, Snow Bunting becomes very angry! How can she deal with her anger? Lemming is calm and patient with Snow Bunting, and lets her talk about her feelings to hel... » Lire la suite...

INHABIT MEDIA | mai 2017

Sur commande :  2 à 4 semaines
Sometimes I Feel Angry
7,95 $

INHABIT MEDIA | mai 2015

Sur commande :  2 à 4 semaines
Star Wars The Original Trilogy: (A New Hope / The Empire Strikes Back / Return of the Jedi)
12,99 $
A bind-up of thee Star Wars Junior Novels. Includes A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.

DISNEY PRESS | octobre 2017

Sur commande :  2 à 4 semaines
Lottie Dolls: Lottie Braves a Storm
10,95 $
Meet Lottie. She's a little girl just like you - she loves adventures, mysteries and her little puppy, Biscuit. When Lottie is responsible for a precious pet going missing at the vet's surgery, she... » Lire la suite...

PUFFIN | septembre 2017

Sur commande :  2 à 4 semaines
Baby Goes to Market
22,99 $
Join Baby and his doting mama at a bustling southwest Nigerian marketplace for a bright, bouncy read-aloud offering a gentle introduction to numbers. Market is very crowded. Mama is very busy. ... » Lire la suite...

CANDLEWICK | septembre 2017

Sur commande :  2 à 4 semaines
The Big Aqua Book of Beginner Books
21,99 $
Six classic Beginner Books—including four by Dr. Seuss—for less than the price of two individual Beginner Books! This collection of six Beginner Books bound together in one sturdy hardcover is t... » Lire la suite...

RANDOM HOUSE | septembre 2017

Sur commande :  2 à 4 semaines
Ali-A Adventures: Game On! The Graphic Novel
25,99 $
The most popular gamer on YouTube, Ali-A, presents his very own action-packed graphic novel! It’s launch time for the hotly anticipated video game Alien Liberator 2, and who better to invite al... » Lire la suite...

RANDOM HOUSE | octobre 2017

Sur commande :  2 à 4 semaines
Bagnoles livre activités et autocollants
4,99 $

DANAWARE | juin 2017

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