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Wikibeaks is the first book from Ireland's biggest megastar, Dustin The Turkey. Destined to see Dustin's name added to the long list of Irish literary greats (Joyce, Yeats, Swift,Tobin and Pippa) it will see the feathered one take his mighty pen to the Ireland he's helped shape over his 25 years as a national treasure.

Part autobiography and part cheap cash-in, Wikibeaks will be ALL funny. Dustin will reveal the truth behind his life at the centre of Irish music, politics, television and comedy. He'll tell all about his love life and reveal the real reason he had Ray D'Arcy fired after catching him in the stationery cupboard with Shirley Temple Bar's Ma.

With a foreword from Julian Lasagne himself, Wikibeaks will take the publishing world by storm as many of Dustin's loyal fans find themselves in bookshops for the very first time, robbing copies of a book that will in time make its way on to The Leaving Cert.

Printed on paper from the very same tree that RTE carved Pat Kenny from, this won't just be the publishing event of the decade, it will be so much more, triggering Britain to stop Brexiting, as instead they see sense and offer themselves over to Ireland via acomplicated tax deal with Apple and Bono, Wikibeaks will be for Irish publishing what the comments section on the has been for free speech.

Prix : 27,99 $
Titre : Wikibeaks
Date de parution : février 2018
Sujet : HUMOUR
ISBN : 9781848272446 (1848272448)
Référence Renaud-Bray : 12367803
No de produit : 2255637

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