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Cuisine - Vin / Viandes, volailles, gibiers
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Boucherie : leçons en pas à pas : tout sur la viande, de l'animal à l'assiette LEBOEUF, ROMAIN
69,95 $
Romain Leboeuf, boucher parmi les 25 meilleurs ouvriers de France, donne les explications pour tout connaître sur les viandes et savoir les choisir, puis il fournit des conseils et des astuces sur ... » Lire la suite...

CHENE | novembre 2019

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Butcher and Beast MAR, ANGIE
54,00 $
The Beatrice Inn’s presence in New York City spans close to a century, and its history is ever changing, from one of New York’s first speakeasies, frequented by Fitzgerald and Hemingway, to a belov... » Lire la suite...

CLARKSON POTTER | octobre 2019

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Food52 Dynamite Chicken KORD, TYLER
29,99 $
A game-changing collection of 60 new-fashioned chicken recipes from chef Tyler Kord and Food52, the award-winning online kitchen and home destination. Sautéed, fried, or nestled in a sheet pan, ... » Lire la suite...

TEN SPEED PRESS | octobre 2019

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Living High Off the Hog OLSON, MICHAEL
35,00 $
A carnivore's love letter to one of the most versatile, affordable and tasty types of meat: pork. After 30 years as a professional chef, Michael Olson knows how to get the most out of his food. ... » Lire la suite...

APPETITE | septembre 2019

En stock :  Expédié en 48 heures.
33,50 $
The best traditional recipes for roasted dishes, from a Sunday beef roast with Yorkshire pudding and rack of lamb with herb crust to stuffed roast goose, pheasant, and veal. Leading chef Laura M... » Lire la suite...

RIZZOLI USA | novembre 2019

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The Bob's Burgers Recipe Box COLLECTIF
19,95 $
A set of recipe cards featuring the best pun-filled burger recipes from the hit TV show Bob's Burgers. The Bob's Burgers Recipe Box is a collection of thirty-five recipe cards collected from the... » Lire la suite...

UNIVERSE | septembre 2019

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The Ultimate Companion to Meat PUHARICH, ANTHONY
60,00 $
“You hold the right book in your hands. Learning from it will be delicious.” —Anthony Bourdain Meat is the centerpiece of celebratory meals and everyday dinners. The quality of the meat—be it be... » Lire la suite...

COUNTRYMAN PRESS | octobre 2019

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A Bird in the House 19,95 $ Quantité : 1

Abattre la bête 22,95 $ Quantité : 1
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