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Literature / Québec - Canada literature
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921, Queen Mary Road BRISEBOIS, ROBERT
1896, Côte-des-Neiges. Devant le Collège Notre-Dame, un lopin de terre à flanc du Mont-Royal est convoité par plusieurs acheteurs potentiels. Mais tous ces riches investisseurs ne peuvent rien cont... » Read more...

HURTUBISE | October 2010

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A battle won RUSSELL, S THOMAS
Winter 1793-the Reign of Terror rips through revolutionary France. In Plymouth, England, Master and Commander Charles Hayden is given orders to return to the ill-fated HMS Themis as the British fig... » Read more...

PUTNAM'S SONS | August 2010

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A beautiful truth MCADAM, COLIN
A novel about the simple truths that transcend species, about the meaning of family, the lure of belonging, and the capacity for survival Walt and Judy are deeply in love, but Judy longs for a c... » Read more...


Upon order :  2 to 4 weeks
A beautiful truth MCADAM, COLIN
Walt and Judy are deeply in love, but Judy longs for a child. Walt measures all beauty against that of Judy and doesn’t want her eyes to get any sadder. They stay side by side and search for distra... » Read more...

PENGUIN BOOKS | March 2014

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EMBLEM | October 2015

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A better man MCLAREN, LEAH
From the bestselling author of The Continuity Girl, a funny, sharply observant novel of the pitfalls of marriage and success, and how a couple must lose it all before they can hope to find their wa... » Read more...


Upon order :  2 to 4 weeks
A better man MCLAREN, LEAH
Nick and Maya Wakefield’s marriage is in crisis. Sex is a distant memory, and the love is gone. The turning point came when Maya left her high-powered legal career to stay home with their twins. To... » Read more...


Upon order :  2 to 4 weeks
A bird in the house LAURENCE, MARGARET
One of Canada’s most accomplished authors combines the best qualities of both the short story and the novel to create a lyrical evocation of the beauty, pain, and wonder of growing up. In eight ... » Read more...

MCCLELLAND & STEWART | February 2010

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A Bird in the House LAURENCE, MARGARET
In eight interconnected, finely wrought stories, Margaret Laurence recreates the world of Vanessa MacLeod--a world of scrub-oak, willow, and chokecherry bushes; of family love and conflict; and of ... » Read more...

EMBLEM | May 2017

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A blade of grass DESOTO, LEWIS

PERENNIAL | August 2004

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