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Elegant Defense, An - MATT RICHTEL

Elegant Defense, An



English book
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“Vividly told. ... Explicates for the lay reader the intricate biology of our immune system. ... Richtel succeeds in this formidable task.” (JEROME GROOPMAN, New York Review of Books)

“Deeply affecting. … A compelling modern history of—as well as an elegant defense for—the preeminent science of our time.” (Los Angeles Review of Books)

“Richtel brilliantly blurs the lines between biology primer, medical historical text and the traditional first-person patient story. ... Richtel harnesses his reporter’s eye for the human condition.” (Washington Post)

“In this thorough investigation, Richtel details the explosion of knowledge over the past 70 years. ... He weaves into his narrative four case studies [that] add a moving personal dimension.” (BBC, “10 Books to Read This Month”)

“One of those rare nonfiction books that transcends the genre. ... A fascinating and engrossing account of the latest, and quite astonishing, discoveries involving the human immune system. ... An inspiring and wonderful read. ... I highly recommend this extraordinary book.” (Douglas Preston, #1 bestselling author of The Lost City of the Monkey God)

“A thorough, richly entertaining and just-wonky-enough beginner’s class in immunology through the case studies of four patients.” (Wall Street Journal)

“Remarkable. … Richtel is a gifted storyteller. … A story about cutting-edge science, humanely told.” (Matt McCarthy, USA Today)

“Matt Richtel’s An Elegant Defense is a comprehensive and engaging primer on the body’s ‘ever-vigilant, omnipresent peacekeeping force.’ The immune system plays an essential role in fighting infections and cancer and in regulating our normal health. Read this superb book to better understand one of the enduring mysteries of human biology.” (SANDEEP JAUHAR, New York Times bestselling author of Heart: A History)

“An expert examination of the immune system. … Richtel illuminates a complex subject so well that even physicians will learn.” (Kirkus, STARRED review)

“Richtel approaches this essential subject with awe, his writing meticulous and empathic.” (Booklist, STARRED Review)

Price: $23.99
Title: Elegant Defense, An
Release date: March 2020
ISBN: 9780062698490 (0062698494)
Renaud-Bray Reference: 15286469
Item nb: 3005341

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