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Mickey Rooney Commemoration Coll.

Mickey Rooney Commemoration Coll.


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Love Laughs At Andy Hardy
When Andy Hardy comes back from war, he is disheartened to learn that the girl he has been exclusively dating has elected to marry someone else. Restless and lonely, Andy entertains the idea of moving to South America to get rich, but there's no need when South America comes to him, in the form of Isobel Gonzales. Featuring Mickey Rooney.

My Dear Secretary
My Dear Secretary is a romantic-comedy about Owen Waterbury, a renowned novelist, who hires aspiring writer Stephanie Gaylord as his secretary. Stephanie is overjoyed when she learns she's gotten the job, but she soon realizes Owen doesn't take his work seriously and quits. When he tries to win her back she's not sure if it's just another game to the writer, or if Owen Waterbury is truly a changed man?

Never Wave At A WAC
Social butterfly Jo McBain thinks she can manipulate the system by joining the WACs to be with her G.I. boyfriend, Lt. Col. Schuyler Fairchild, who is stationed in Paris. Jo thinks nothing of joining the service because she fully believes her contacts in Washington will get her out as soon as she's ready to go. Jo's ex-husband Andrew McBain has other plans for her, however, and uses his own connections to make sure that Jo stays put in the service by requesting her for his project—a project that conveniently disrupts her romantic rendezvous with her boyfriend, that is.

Nothing Sacred
In this deftly scripted, witty comedy, a down-on-his-luck reporter Wally Cook is doomed to writing obituaries for his involuntary part in a hoax. Hoping to recoup some of his credibility, Cook plots a big exposé on Hazel Flagg, a foreign girl who's been diagnosed with radiation poisoning and is reportedly dying or so he thinks.

Starring Mickey Rooney as Danny Brady is a well-meaning mechanic whose whole life is shattered in the matter of a week. Through a series of mishaps, Danny, who is desperate for cash, is forced into robbery. Things spiral out of control when Danny is forced to steal a new car from the garage where he works.

T-Bird Gang
T-Bird Gang is a gripping crime-drama revolving around a vengeance seeking high schooler that joins up with a gang of roughnecks who agree to help him hunt down his father's murderer.

High School Caesar
Matt Stevens is a big man on campus. A rich, young, hustler, Stevens appoints himself the kingpin of his high school but not everybody thinks so. When it all comes to a boiling point, scores are settled in a terrifying drag race that just may put Stevens out of business for good.

Two Women
Two Women is the heartrending drama centered on a widow named Cesira (Sophia Loren) and her thirteen-year-old daughter Rosetta (Eleanor Brown). Left to fend for themselves in war-ravaged Italy.

Price: $12.99
Title: Mickey Rooney Commemoration Coll.
Release date: May 2014
Language: English
UPC : 096009362942
Renaud-Bray Reference: 750200034
Item nb: 1524363

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Mickey Rooney Commemoration Coll.
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